My name is Josh Leland, I go by the online alias 'Phantom Badger.' I am currently a Unity Developer at Bloc Digital, working with AR and VR technologies. I have graduated with first class honors from my BSc Hons Computer Games Programming course at the University of Derby.


I get people asking me a lot why I’m aiming for a Video Games related career path, and although it would be simple to say ‘I like playing video games’ the answer is so much more than that. I find Video Games to be one of the most enticing and interesting mediums of our generation, it allows the user to interact and immerse themselves in entirely fabricated worlds. I believe that this attribute gives Video Games possibly limitless potential as an art form and as a teaching tool.

‘Bioshock,’ for example, shows criticism of the Objectivism expressed by Ayn Rand in her novel 'Atlas Shrugged,' introducing the player to a foreign concept and showing how it could go wrong.

Name: Josh Leland

Birthday: 10th November

Degree: BSc Computer Games Programming

University: University of Derby

Favourite Game: Portal



I think it's important to stay active in life, doing interesting things when I can, a lot of the time these things are tech and games related, as those are my biggest passions, but I've also participated in various other interesting events as a way of expanding my horizons and experiencing cool and unique things.

EGX 2016

Birmingham - 22nd-25th September

Myself and a few friends attended the EGX Expo in Birmingham, both as guests, and working for Derby University in the Career's Fair.


Brussels - 4th-5th February

Attended the FOSDEM Open Source event in Brussels, Belgium with some friends to sit in on the numerous talks.

Gloucester Cheese Rolling

Cooper's Hill - 30th May 2016

This year myself and some fellow GE Interns decided to hurl ourselves down the very steep 'Coopers Hill' in pursuit of a wheel of cheese in this infamous annual event.


Personal projects are a thing I try to do often, it allows me to expand my programming skillset, developing knowledge of new languages and technologies. An extensive list of my projects can be found on my portfolio page








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