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About Me

My name is Josh Leland, known on the Internet as 'Phantom Badger.' I'm currently an undergraduate studying my second year of the Computer Games Programming course at the University of Derby - Where I am one of the Course Representatives.


I get people asking me a lot why I’m aiming for a Video Games related career path, and although it would be simple to say ‘I like playing video games’ the answer is so much more than that. I find Video Games to be one of the most enticing and interesting mediums of our generation, it allows the user to interact and immerse themselves in entirely fabricated worlds. I believe that this attribute gives Video Games possibly limitless potential as an art form and as a teaching tool. Games like ‘Bioshock’ convey to the player the ideologies expressed in Ayn Rand’s novel ‘Atlas Shrugged,’ whereas games like ‘Mass Effect’ force the player to reflect on their own moral code, asking them to make decisions that truly test what values they hold dear. Not to mention the ‘Total War’ and ‘Civilization’ games, which teaches the player the foundations of history and tactical warfare. All of this could only be possible with the help of such an amazing – and I feel undervalued – medium, and I feel that if I could be a part of that experience, to be able to bring such joy and wonder to people across the world, then I will have achieved my dream.


From the above paragraph of gushing I hope you can realize my passion for Video Games, their creation, and their potential.


I have many hobbies, the most obvious of which being gaming. But my passion for gaming has led me to develop an interest in competitive gaming and programming.

I have led a team of 9 players in a competitive UGC Highlander league for Valve's 'Team Fortress 2.' During which we got to the quarter finals of the European Silver Division. The role caused me to focus heavily on Time Management and organisation skills.


One of my other major hobbies is Digital Art. As you can see on my Art Portfolio, I've created numerous commissioned logo and art pieces for Musicians and Companies. I have 7+ years using Adobe Photoshop, and over the past 3 years have taught myself how to vector to a professional standard using it. Songs featuring my art have been shown on The Rolling Stones website, and has even been ported to the Rock Band Network.

Published Work

Edutainment in Video Games

A published article written in my first year of study regarding education and it's incorporation into video games. Edited by Richard Self and Jamie Sharpe as part of a compilation of the best articles produced by students at the University.



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