Clock Simulator


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Platform: Unity 4.5.5


Language: C#


Created By:

Josh Leland

Clock Simulator

Clock Simulator was a 'game' I created using the Unity engine. I expanded upon a small clock tutorial as not only a way to get used to the Unity engine, but as a way for myself to get experience creating something with a professional quality to it. This project was something I worked on off and on over the summer of 2014, it was a great learning experience as prior to this I had no experience using Unity. My time spent creating this 'game' involved me having to teach myself the fundamentals of Unity.

I have come out of this with a sufficient knowledge of how to navigate the system, so much so that I felt confident enough to create the game for our Game Jam 2014 project in it.

I tried to include many small attentions to detail, one of the parts I am particularly proud of, and took some time to figure out, was the lighting - which changes colour based on your system clock. I managed to do this using the 'Gradient' class included in the Unity libraries. I created a 5-tone gradient that went from Dark blue (night), to orange (sunrise), white (Day), orange (sunset), and back to Dark blue. I then took the systems current time, converted it to seconds, divided it by the total number of seconds in a day and used it to determine which part of the gradient the light uses as it's colour.

One of the big issues I had with the project was handling the shadows, as you can see in the above pictures; any executable version of the 'game' has horribly pixelated and sharp shadows, and no matter what I did to try and fix this it seemed to make no difference.