Game Jam October 2014


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October has brought us the first Game Jam of second year, a 24 hour session where we are locked away in the second floor of the University to make a game. This game jam was a little different as it also offered an opportunity to work on the SpelunkBot API – A way to make an AI for the game ‘Spelunky’. And while I was originally going to do that, the temptation to make a fun silly game with some friends was too much to pass up. Although I do have the files for SpelunkBot, so you might see some of that in the future.


The theme for this game jam was ‘Wario Ware’ – for those who dont know; Wario Ware is a series of games started way back in 2003. The premise of the games is that you complete a series of super simple mini games, and as you progress they get faster and harder, all under a time limit (usually about 5 seconds).


Our team consisted of Myself, My girlfriend Emma, and two of our first year friends – Courtney and Anita. I was the only one who had used Unity before and the only one who was confident in my coding ability, so I was tasked with actually making the game, whilst the rest of them focused more on the design and some art aspects. I was fine with this as I was looking forward to getting stuck into it all.


We used the Video Game Name Generator to create an overall theme for our mini games, and got ‘Undead Drug-Deal Dash’. With that, the premise of our game was born, the game would start with you in a city during a Zombie apocalypse, running to get to your dealer, along the way events would happen which would trigger a short mini game. Some of the concepts we created were


  • Being chased by zombies (Spam the ‘W’ key to get away)
  • Climb a ladder after falling down a manhole (Alternate key pressed to climb a ladder)
  • Hotwire a car (Pressing a button at the right time)
  • Escape from a zombie horde (full movement with WASD against simple AIs)
  • Unfortunately, as is the nature of Game Jams, we bit off more than we could chew, and at the end we had a very simple transition maze (city) that triggered the ‘Being Chased’ minigame, and the ‘Climb a Ladder’ minigame upon reaching certain nodes.


The minigames themselves were really well done and I am very proud of how I got them to work, but the transition screen was rather lack luster and we didnt have time to implement any textures or models to it. The mini games themselves also popped in with no context, meaning it was often frustrating to play as you had to quickly react and figure out what was happening.


However with this project I learnt a great deal about Unity – particularly how different scenes interact and how you can load and destroy them within one another. This was something on a scale I’d never attempted before in Unity (my previous endeavour in Unity was a Clock on a wall, nothing exciting) and considering the time we had and the experience/man power I had for it I’m really proud of what we came out with.

You can download our game to play here:


Platform: Unity 4.5.5


Language: C#


Created By:

Josh Leland

Emma Fearn

Anita King

Courtney Reed

Undead Drug-Deal Dash

Game Jam October 2014 - Wario Ware Theme