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I am currently on Placement at GE Aviation in Cheltenham as part of my third year of University. I study a BSc in Computer Games Programming, and most of my knowledge of coding comes from that, although I have been taught Visual Basic .NET through a Computing course at A Level.

University has exposed me to many projects of different kinds in different languages. The majority of our first year of education was in C# including the basics of Object Oriented programming, with our first big assessment being a console variant of the classic game Battleships, featuring a very basic AI that would randomly select previously unpicked locations. The final assessment of my first year was the backend for a Visual C# Calender Application.


My second year changed a lot from C# as the focus shifted to learning new and different areas of programming, throughout this year I had a Graphics module, which featured C++ and OpenGL programming, a concept and language completely new to me, a Networks and Security module, where we had to greate a number guessing games using a server and client program using sockets in Python, a Databases module, where we had to create a full relational database with SQL and an interface, Application Development, in which we had to create a Microsoft Azure based website that would create a data visualisation based on an SQL Database. The final module we had for second year was probably one of the most important for us in terms of development, Team Project had 3-5 people form a small 'company' and create a game, I'll go into more detail about our game 'Blitz Blox' as well as the other module's projects on their portfolio pages.


As well as assignment-based projects, the university hosted numerous Game Jams, in which we were locked in the University labs for a weekend with the task of making a game either in small teams or on our own, usually accompanied with a theme. I found these to be really enlightening and allowed me to pursue the industry I was most interested in, my individual entries for these game jams can also be found via the drop down menu. The latest game jam I participated in at the University (March 2015) actually inspired my current side project, of which the above tiles are from, more information on this will be available closer to completion.