OpenGL Data Visualiser


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Platform: Visual Studio 2013 using OpenGL


Language: C++


Created By:

Josh Leland

Minsi Chen (Lecturer at the University of Derby)

OpenGL Data Visualiser

This was my final assessment for my Graphics 1 module as part of my second year at University. It was our first big task with C++ and meant alongside creating the project we had to get familiar with C++ and the OpenGL framework. We were tasked with creating a data visualiser that can represent data from a file through a series of 2D and 3D graphs.


This project was created using the OpenGL libraries for C++, and as an added challenge, we were given the option to try to avoid using any glu or glut methods. A challenge which I have managed to abide by.

This program allows the user to read in data from a formatted .csv file (the first row being the categories, and the subsequent rows being the data). And display a graph of their choice (Pie Chart, Bar Chart, Line Chart, 2D Scatter Plot, 3D Scatter Plot), displaying the specific data of their choice. The user is also able to rotate/zoom/pan around the graphs in order to view the data easier.