UDK Map - Your Biggest Fan


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Platform: UDK


Created By:

Josh Leland

Josh Letts

Liam Swain

Ben Strutt

Andrew Coates

UDK Map - DM-YourBiggestFan

This map was created in a team of 5 as part of our 'Subjects in Computer Science' module during our first year of University.

Our assessment was to create a playable Team Deathmatch map for use in the Unreal Tournament 3 game. For this we had to teach ourselves how to use the UDK (Unreal Development Kit)

We spent a long time brainstorming ideas, we wanted our map to have a unique element to it, and eventually settled on a large fan positioned into the floor that allowed players to explore more vertical space, the main focal point of our map was this central room, with overhanging ledges and lots of weapons spread about. The fan itself had a small platform on it that was safe, if the player jumped whilst ontop of the fan, or landed inside of it, they would be propelled upwards. If they managed to land on the fan blades, they will be killed. Whether their cause of death was from the high velocity of the turbine or from the high wind speed of a fan capable of projecting people through the air is unknown.

Branching off from this cental column are two long cathedral-like rooms, with a balcony, med kits and armor - which is accessible via launch pads. As well as this there is a small alcove in the Central room, and opposite a large section with an ominous floating ball, this houses some powerful weapons and powerups, but require the user to be very out in the open in order to get it.

Considering we all have terrible tastes we ended up naming the map after a pun, and so it is called 'Your Biggest Fan'