Blitz Blox

Blitz Blox was created by myself and a small team for the 'Team Project' module during the 2nd year of my University degree. Created alongisde Ben Strutt, Jack Tanner and Tom Graham.

The concept for this game was a splice between Tetris and Bust-A-Move, where the player shoots blocks around the arena and aims to arrange the blocks in lines.

The game features two game modes, a simple 'Arcade' mode where the player simply has to align blocks of various colours, and a 'Blockade' mode, where the arena is populated with some gray blocks in a structure the player must work around, as as they progress more gray blocks will fall from above.

Blitz Blocks also featured special blocks, that would appear if the player got a line of the same colour, these special blocks would allow special effects, such as erasing all the blocks around it in a cross or a circle.

A dynamic progression system that meant the game would get harder and faster the more score you got added a challenging element ot the game.



Language: C#

Engine: Unity

Status: Complete








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