Fette Machine VR Trainer

The Fette Machine VR Training application was made in partnership with GlaxoSmithKlein during my time at Bloc Digital. It acted as a technical proof of concept for a series of applications that would allow the training of engineers on specific work instructions related to the Fette Machine through the use of the HTC Vive.

This application was the first created that used the Training VR framework we have been developing at Bloc Digital.

My main job during my time working on the Fette Machine application was the design and incorporation of an aynchronous networking system.


Through the use of Photon Bolt we implemented functionality for a single 'Trainee' in the HTC Vive, a single 'Instructor' on a Desktop PC that could control multiple cameras in the room, view important documents, and change the current work procedure, and multiple 'Students' who could watch the scene through various cameras but could not interact.

The application also features full voice chat capability powered by the Teamspeak 3 API, as well as an aforementioned procedure management system, which allowed designers to specify certain interactions between objects that had to be performed in specific orders in order to simulate the completion of a work task.

One of my other jobs during my time working with this project was the integration of a UI system with this procedures manager, allowing a dynamic runtime generation of an interactable list of steps that the user can interact with via a screen in the virtual space.

Language: C#

Engine: Unity

Status: Complete


Due to the nature of this work, source code is not available.










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