Heartbeat was a game I made for the spring 2016 Game Jam held at my University. It was my opportunity to apply the skills I had developed through working on my personal game development project.

This game was my take on the rhythm game genre, my original plan was to add a unique twist to the stereotypical 'DDR' game by allowing the user to control the character's heartrate, modifying the BPM of the song in real time, with a higher bpm meaning a higher score. This would allow the player to experiment with the risk/reward of a higher score, but a faster set of arrows for them to hit.

Heartbeat was coded with C# in the Unity Engine over the period of 48 hours. The game makes use of the already prevalent Stepmania fanbase by parsing the Stepmania file format for it's song library. This allowed me to immediately have access to a wide range of step charts and songs.

I have written a few articles on the more complex components of this format:


Language: C#

Engine: Unity

Status: Complete











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