Katamari Unity

Katamari Unity was an educational project I started as a way for me to experiment with the technical implementations of the mechanics shown throughout the 'Katamari' series of games.

The Katamari series are a group of games published and developed by Namco, the plot of the games are usually nonsensical, but involve the 'prince of the cosmos' rolling a large sticky ball around, as the player collides this ball with objects smaller than itself they will stick to it, increasing the ball's size, and increasing what the ball can attach to itself, The end goal of each level being to reach a given size in a certain time limit.

Inspired by this game I wanted to try my hand at the dynamic mesh distortion and attachment of objects using the Unity Engine. I ended up creating my own ball rolling physics in order to better mimic the game's feel, and created a few distortion methods that matched the effects produced by the original games.

The project has a long way to go, but I have achieved the original goal that sparked the pursuit, so I have made it open source and will likely return to it in the future.




Language: C#

Engine: Unity

Status: Incomplete











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