OpenGL Ray Tracer

This project was created as an assessment for my Graphics 2 module during my second year of university. It was our first piece of ray tracing software, this project was our introduction to lighting equations and how to handle ambient, diffuse and specular lightning mechanics.

The images on the right show the varying states you can toggle the raytracer to. From top left to bottom right it goes as follows:

  • All Lighting and Reflection/Refraction Active
  • Ambient Lighting Only
  • Ambient, Diffuse, and Specular Lighting
  • Ambient, Diffuse, and Specular Lighting with Shadows
  • Reflections applied to fully lit objects
  • Refractions applied to fully lit objects

These images show the variety of rendering mechanics and properties we learnt through our time working on this project.

This Ray Tracer also features an orthographic camera as well as some basic anti-aliasing in order to improve image quality.






Language: C++

Graphics API: OpenGL

Status: Complete









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