OpenGL Rendering Engine

This project was created as an assessment for my Graphics 2 module during my second year of university. It was our chance to explore shaders and put together all our knowledge of OpenGL.

The project involved implementing full Texture, Specular and Normal maps to the objects in the scene, we were require dto implement Point, Direction and Spot lights, as well as a moving, billboard, and interactable object.

A skybox was implemented with it's own shader to allow it to be rendered at the same distance every frame.

Another shader was implemented for Billboards that face the player on all 3 axis and ones that only face the player on the XY axis.

The engine features a euler based camera system which unfortunately suffers from cimbal lock in certain situations, a Quaternion based camera was attempted but due to time constraints couldnt be put in.






Language: C++

Graphics API: OpenGL

Status: Complete









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