The following is my portfolio of software engineering and games development, either developed in my own time or as part of my University coursework. The projects are ordered based on the language used, additional details such as development platform or engine is listed further on their individual pages.


Most of the projects listed here will be through development using the Unity game engine, however I also have experience as a Tools programmer using C# through my time at GE Aviation, however due to the nature of the work it cannot be listed here.



My experience in C++ has been largely graphical, using the OpenGL and DirectX APIs to create various rendering projects, both academically and as hobby projects.


I have used Python for various little projects throughout my programming career, the items listed below are more recent/outstanding projects.












I also have experience using a variety of other language, however due to my employment at the time I am unable to showcase them on this protfolio, however they will be listed on my CV.

Published Works

Complex Data Structures with Genetic Algorithms: Can a Computer make Exciting Rollercoasters in Rollercoaster Tycoon 2?

My graduate dissertation, during which I explored using Genetic Algorithms to create Rollercoasters for the 2002 game Rollercoaster Tycoon 2, subsequently published by the University under their Discovery, Invention & Application journal



Angry Video Game Nerd II - Background Art

I was commissioned by indie developer Sam Beddoes of FreakZone Games to create some pixel art backgrounds for use in his game "Angry Video Game Nerd II: ASSimilation", a platformer published by ScrewAttack. I was tasked with creating the background for the Tokyo and Area 51 Levels, as well as the world map. The game is available to buy now on steam:



Edutainment in Video Games

A published article written in my first year of study regarding education and it's incorporation into video games. Edited by Richard Self and Jamie Sharpe as part of a compilation of the best articles produced by students at the University.











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