Project GhostLight

Language: C#

Engine: Unity

Status: In Development


This project does not have a public GitHub Repo and so is not available for download

Project GhostLight is the WIP Title for a 2D Unity Platforming game I am developing for a portfolio piece, the end goal of this project is to have it published on Steam to give me experience in the entire project lifecycle of a game.

The game features a room-based camera system in the style of the original Mega Man games or the more recent Shovel Knight game.

Coded using C# scripts and the Unity game engine I have been developing this game over time since June 2015, I have gone through a few iterations during this time and it has allowed me to learn a great deal about game design, level creation, and code structure.

This personal development has lead me to write multiple articles about the creation of certain game features and the lessons I have learnt:










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